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Spometer.com - is a global database of physical and technical indicators of young basketball players from 60 countries in the world,

It is also your basketball training progress monitoring platform that guide you for the most fast development and integrates the world's top basketball training content.

Track your progress

Follow the effective training trends of the world best youth basketball players

Perform six tests every month, know your training effectiveness, improve the training program

Spometer.com integrates standard data of the world elite basketball players from 6 to 18 years old

--Create your own account

--Enter the test results

--Fast and accurate evaluation of your basketball level!

Training data analysis

Scientific evaluation and prediction of youth players' development progress

Scientific modeling of training data

Accurately understand the development of players and teams

Find the most effective training program for yourself

Start learning from the world's top basketball players / coaches!

Global basketball community

Along with leading basketball industry experts

Join the global basketball community to learn and share your knowledge

Together with the world's top basketball leaders

Talk about the latest trend of world basketball development!

Hundreds of youth basketball teaching videos

Learn the most advanced youth basketball training methods

Collect the training and testing videos of the world's top basketball leaders

From the learning personal basic basketball skills to the top-level team tactics

A ready to use video library for all you need for effective training!



Create individuals/teams

Organization account

Individuals/teams can be linked to organizational accounts


Make a list of players

Upload test data


View test results

Generate feedback report

Modeling players and teams


Training video

Hundreds of videos of the European youth basketball training system

Learn from the world's leading coaches

Basketball Forum

Runze sports community app

Experience massive basketball courses in Runze sports community app,

And be able to exchange basketball experience with friends in the community and enjoy

A basketball moment for you.

cooperative partner

International Basketball University (IBU) is a leading basketball expert organization in the world, bringing together top basketball experts from all over the world.

Runze sports is a youth training technology company with 60 + offices and training centers around the world.


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